Free Money Grants


Every year, politicians in government announce socially responsible ways to relieve taxpayers by granting them some of their own hard-earned money. These elective Grant Programs are usually established in response to some of other article in the media announcing the plight of a class of American citizens. Once announced in a fanfare of publicity, such programs are frequently ignored afterwards by Treasury officials without the money to fund them, and there they lie until another politician cancels them in response to a request for budget cuts.

This is because elective Grants are not automatic, and require recipients to elect to receive them. Treasury officials are legally obliged to advertise them. This is usually done on the internet, or by way of notices pinned up in community welfare rooms. This means that there are a number of free money grants available to qualifying Americans, who just need to know about them, and apply for them in order to receive the funds.

Here are a few to whet your appetite:

Housing Grants
•    Government Grant money is available to help pay rent, find the deposit on a home or even make renovations. You could use the money to install a new furnace or improve the cooling of your house, or use the opportunity provided by falling real estate prices to acquire a home of your own.

Personal Grants
•    These funds are designated for Citizens in some or other kind of personal trouble, be this related to under- or unemployment, personal debt or illness or disablement. There is no legal limit to what you could apply for. Some individuals have been awarded as much as $50,000, and the money can be used for Utility Bills, Home Repairs, Real Estate Taxes, Mortgage Payments, Rent, School Supplies, Groceries, Child Day Care, Groceries and General Living Expenses, Lesson Payments and Tutoring – you name it, just about everything is covered.

Business Grants
•    Did you know that the American Government has funds available to help you start your business? Ways to qualify for this include locating it in a small town or another priority area, it being minority or female owned, being affected by defense cuts, being involved in exporting, or employing disabled people. Staring a business is costly and requires research. You could give yourself a leg-up by factoring in these things.

Green Grants
•    Green Grants are there to help Americans make their contributions to managing the global warming crisis. If replacing technology at work or home with a more energy efficient alternative, then why not check out on whether you could get a subsidy on this too.

Minority Grants
•    If you are disadvantaged, then you should consider helping yourself to the money that is waiting there for you? Grants are available for African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans. You could use one to help fund a child’s education, start a business, do research or launch a community initiative. The sky is literally the limit here, and you ought not to be the limiting factor.

Nursing Grants
•    You could apply for a Grant to become a Nurse, which is an honorable profession. That is because nurses are scarce, and everybody will need one someday. Nursing Grants include both scholarships and low-interest loans. You do not necessarily need to be in financial difficulty here, as some Nursing Grants are open to everyone.

Health Grants
•    If you have the misfortune to fall ill or become disabled, and have difficulty funding essential treatment then you should apply for a Health Grant. These cover anything from home care to full hospitalization, hearing aids and spectacles, orthodontics and prostheses, and also chronic diseases such as parkinsons, alzheimers and cancers.

Travel Grants
•    Did you know that you could get support for travel too? That is travel, not a holiday. Grants are available for both Research and Study Abroad, but you will need to have your ducks in straight row, and not be covering up for a government-funded vacation (although, according to the media, some people have got this right).

In order to access more information, you simply access, a government portal designed especially to link Grant applicants to appropriate government departments. The money is there and waiting for appropriate qualifying applicants – including yourself.

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